"I've been to some of the top spas in the country, and yours was the best facial I have ever had." V.L., Park City, UT

"Good Skin Again is wonderful! The ambiance is incredible; very warm, welcoming and professional. The treatments (Mary Lou) has completed have all been amazing. She treats me as though I am the most important client she has. She explains everything she is doing so there are no surprises. I have treated myself to many spa treatments but my appointments with Mary Lou have been the best thing I've ever done for myself (& my sun spots). Thank you Mary Lou. I feel so pretty. Thank you!" Judy F., Midway, UT

"My skin is remarkably consistent in color. The treatment really lightened the brown spots; almost as good as an IPL treatment." Nikki Grace, Salt Lake City, UT

"Last night at a party ... I could rave about your results because my face still feels the beneficial effects of my appointment with you."Maggie K. 

"I have enjoyed many facials in the past and several microderm treatments, but not with the same results that Mary Lou was able to achieve. I was extremely impressed with the microderm. It was unlike any others I have had in the past. It wasn't uncomfortable, and the results were brilliant. The improvement in my skin is phenomenal." Jodi Overson, Park City, UT

"I have received a series of lactic acid peels from Mary Lou. I had some hyperpigmentation on my chin and forehead that she was able to cause to fade significantly. A side-benefit is that my skin looks younger and I have less break-outs. Mary Lou provides a spa-like atmosphere and is very knowledgeable...I would definitely recommend Mary Lou." Chris McLaws, Park City, UT

"Mary Lou's treatments are not only very effective with visible results, but her touch and gentle manner add so much to the care and enjoyment of each and every visit." Susan Packard, Park City, UT

"My face and body are still reverberating from your fabulous treatment." R.P.M., Park City, UT "As an esthetician, Mary Lou is thorough, meticulous, and knowledgeable. I now have a wonderful and complete home skin care routine that keeps my skin balanced and youthful in between treatments." Sarah Potter, Park City, UT

"That [the treatment] was absolutely wonderful. You have a client for life in me." S.R., Park City, UT

"I thought it was just perfect. Your nurturing nature definitely enhanced the experience, and I left relaxed and refreshed." Cindy H.
"We went to Marylou for my daughter's acne in the fall of 2011. I was hoping to find someone that could clear my daughters acne up without the use of antibiotics or other harsh medicines. We found Good Skin Again through a Google search. I kept my fingers crossed and set up a consultation. We were there for over an hour as Marylou shared her wealth of knowledge with us on acne and things we could do at home to help clear her up. She also offered an acne program that involved a series of appointments for a reasonable price, so I signed my daughter up for that as well. With in that 12 week period my daughter's skin went from a red, angry pimply face and back to a calm, cool, fresh and smooth face and back. I couldn't believe it!  She has been able to easily maintain her skin since we finished treatments in January. I am writing this in June and she is doing great. Marylou is beyond knowledgeable on skin, she is so professional, and yet warm and friendly as well. I would highly recommend her to any one struggling with any skin issues, especially acne. She really did a great job, and with the education she gives you on home care, it is completely sustainable. When friends ask what dermatologist I took my daughter to, I tell them about Marylou!" - Rene Andres

Mary Lou's comments: Rene's daughter, Rachel, came to see me with the most common presentation of acne, a combination of inflamed and non-inflamed lesions. From day one, Rachel, a black belt in karate, exhibited discipline and dedication to getting her skin clear. We got her inflamed acne under control quite quickly, and the non-inflamed, the more difficult type of acne to clear, was gone fairly shortly thereafter. Rachel continues to use my recommended home-care products, even though her family has moved to Michigan.


"Mary Lou has changed my children's lives.  Unfortunately, they are prone to severe acne, however we found Mary Lou and our unhappy skin life has been turned around.  Even with some roadblocks along the way, we were never given up on, and Mary Lou ultimately found the right combination for us.  Because of her, my boys are dedicated to taking care of their skin the healthy way, and it looks FANTASTIC!  Their self-esteem has improved and they are confident in front of people again.  We owe so much to Mary Lou.  I recommend her acne program to anyone."  - Kelli Murdock

Mary Lou's comments:  When Kelli brought her boys in for a consultation, I had my doubts.  Thirteen-year-old boys are often not willing to stick to a treatment regimen.  But they fooled me!  They were champs at taking their skin care seriously - perhaps helped a little by mom, who is an RN.  We had a set-back at one point, until we figured out that one of the boys was having break-outs related to drinking milk!  Today, the guys look great. 

"What can I say about Marylou???  I have had problem skin for as long as I can remember... I am a 57-year-old woman who has been seeing dermatologists forever.  Always battling acne in one form or another.  I started with Marylou several months ago, and I have never been clearer; my skin looks amazing.  She is extremely knowledgeable and has a passion for all things skin.  I would recommend her to anyone who struggles with skin issues."  - MP, Park City

Mary Lou's comments:  MP is an example of the reality that not just teens suffer from break-outs.  Men are likely to see the end to their struggles with acne by about the age of 30; not so with women!  We can battle blemishes to menopause and beyond.  Wrinkles AND acne?  Yes!