Good Skin Again is a certified DMK Paramedical Skin Therapy facility, and it is through these programs and protocols that the most significant changes in the skin are achieved - changes that rival medical esthetics.  We will even go so far as to say they are superior to medical esthetic procedures for two very real reasons.  First, lasers, radio frequency devices, photodynamic therapy, deep peels, etc., may improve the appearance of symptoms, but at a cost.  The skin perceives these procedures as profound assaults, and does not forgive them easily.  The underlying wounding and chronic inflammation that result can actually accelerate the degradation of the skin, causing it to appear to age faster.  It's the ultimate penny-wise and pound-foolish approach.  Second, no attempt to address the underlying skin dysfunction that contributed to the undesirable symptoms is made.  It's like carefully pruning a bush to make it look better while seldom watering or fertilizing the roots.  When the skin is healthy and its needs for nutrition are met, it just looks and feels better, the break-down of the skin is slowed and results achieved last longer.

DMK Levels:  Five levels of DMK treatments are offered, with something for everyone.  Level One treatments are perfect for the person who's reasonably pleased with their skin and wants to keep it vibrantly healthy and looking good.  Coming in monthly for even Level One treatments is going to be more effective and therapeutic than any non-DMK treatment offered elsewhere.  Level Two and Three treatments are for those who wish to be more pro-active, with the goal of seeing noticeable change in a definable condition or symptom in their skin.  Monthly - or on occasion, more frequently - is the ideal timing of these treatments.  Level Four and Custom Peels treatments are the biggest tools in the box.  We call these strategies "Revisions."  Here is where improvement in lines and wrinkles, scarring, sagging, pigmentation, poor texture, etc., can be fantastic.  Individualized programs will be suggested after extensive consultation and analysis of the client's conditions, needs, and goals are assessed.