All About Eyes

Did you know that your eyes are the first area of your face people notice?  And because the skin around the eyes is so vulnerable to damage and aging, its appearance is a big concern for many.

First of all.......

The single most important thing we can say is do not rub your eyes, either from fatigue or itchiness!  Treat the area with kid gloves.  We can almost without exception pinpoint an allergy sufferer by the crepey, loose skin around their eyes, the result of years of rubbing.  Don't pull or stretch the skin when applying eye cream.  Don't try to remove mascara that's gotten below your eyes by dragging a finger across it.  The eye skin is so delicate that once the damage is done, it's very difficult to correct.


Try these to help protect the eye area:

* Wear sunglasses with large lenses that are broad spectrum UV-protective.  No one wears sunscreen close to their eyes, but the eye area is just as vulnerable to sun damage as the rest of the face.
*  Avoid squinting.  Years ago, a woman from Russia shared this tip with me:  when out in the sun, instead of squinting, partially close your eyes and look out through your lashes (not while driving, of course.)  You may appear strange to an on-looker, but think of the crow's feet you will be avoiding.
*  Use a good eye product twice a day, every day.  The "sensitive eyes" argument for not using one is not valid.  There are many great and non-irritating eye products on the market.  We carry two.
*  Always stroke eye creams from outer corner to inner corner when applying it under the eye. Use your ring fingers, and a feather-light touch.  Never drag or pull.
*  Get plenty of essential fatty acids in the diet - they're critical to staving off dry, wrinkly skin.  Take generous amounts of fish oil or try our DMK EFA+ supplement.

Other concerns

Dark circles:  Sometimes, these are just genetic and little can be done.  But they can also be caused by poor blood flow, lack of adequate sleep or nasal issues.  We have a cream that can assist if poor circulation in the cause.

Puffy eyes:  This can be caused by fluid accumulation, often due to allergies or dehydration.  Keep two teaspoons in the refrigerator and hold the convex side lightly against the eyes for a minute or two.  Also, g-e-n-t-l-e tapping of the area or manual lymph drainage strokes may help move the fluid.