Really, this page should be headed "About Me", because Good Skin Again is a one-woman business, owned and operated by me, Mary Lou Coleman.  

I did not open Good Skin Again to be one more spa in the Park City area offering indulgent treatments primarily to tourists.  What gets me excited is knowing that I can offer my clients, mostly locals, real help with their aging or problem skin concerns, creating truly effective strategies based on education, powerful professional treatments, and potent home-care regimens.  For clients who are ready to put in the time, effort, and investment, significant change in the skin is almost always possible - before-and-after-photo-worthy change.

HOWEVER:  The philosophy that I bring to skin care is that, first and foremost, it should be about skin CARE.  Many of the undesirable symptoms we see in aging skin are, in fact, signs of ill health and dysfunction in the skin. Whenever possible, my procedures are minimally invasive, and my suggested strategies include not just treating symptoms but also supremely nourishing and re-balancing the skin as well, since doing so will slow down the aging process and make our work in correcting the skin more successful and long-lasting.

I am a licensed national-level master esthetician, an esthetic skin therapist, and a certified DMK Paramedical Skin Technician. I have written articles for local publications, have been featured in The Park Record newspaper, was a frequent guest on PCTV's Mountain Morning Show, and have appeared on KPCW radio.  I have the good fortune to be a student of some of the world's most respected technical skin educators including Danne Montegue-King and Debbie Dickson of DMK USA/Australia, Florence Barrett-Hill of Pastiche Ltd. in New Zealand, Lance Setterfield, MD, of Acacia Dermacare in Vancouver, BC, and Jacine Greenwood of Roccoco Botanicals in Australia.